Activity Update

* 2-5 October: We were attending a Capacity Development Trajectory programme in Namibia.
*6 October : We had an information stall/desk at Johannesburg Pride in order to bring visibility of the Transgender and Intersex community and offer medical and legal advice to trans and intersex individuals.
* 8-11 October : We were finalising projects and activity plans for the remainder of the year and the coming year, watch this space, great things are going to be happening!
* 11 October : In the spirit of solidarity, our Advocacy coordinator accompanied Nadzeya Husakouskaya to the Ukranian Embassy in Pretoria, in order to submit a letter stating activists’ disapproval at the prohibition of proganda of homosexuality bill in Ukraine.
* 12 October: Transgender and Intersex Africa had a visit from Flavian Rhode from Positive Vibes, one of the managers and organisers of the Southern African LGBTI capacity development programme( Twafika). We met to discuss the organisation’s capacity development plans and how to make the organisation better for you.
*13-15 October: we are busy with fundraising, media interviews and support group activation.

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